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They are known as classical murals in churches, which describe a scene or give an overview of a moment or a theme. Even at first glance they appear to be very extensive – at the same time they provide a quick overview. The special thing about them is the detail. At a closer look, they are particularly easy to grasp.

Info-Frescoes are large-format infographics hand-drawn by Benno van Aerssen. He uses the Info-Frescoes in his consultations and workshops to give the participants a quick and efficient overview of topics and also projects. There are also art reproductions hanging at his clients’ premises in innovation rooms, corridors and boardrooms. Thus the Info-Frescoes generate great sustainability in innovation projects and make an elementary contribution to the so important informal learning of an organization.


important innovation terms and know-how bites to discover


Infographics for every innovation situation


Design-thinking aspects for many aha-moments

4 out of 5

success factors and obstacles on the way to innovation success visually displayed

For whom?

Again and again, employees pause for the big pictures and embark on great learning journeys. “You still have the impression of discovering new things and aspects in the pictures months later”, is a sentence that is often heard.

A fresco automatically creates understanding, structures and makes a topic tangible. For everyone. That is the very special thing about it.


Benno’s info frescos provide answers to the questions:

Our expertise

With the name “Info-Fresco” Benno van Aerssen makes it clear that he follows a long family tradition. He is the 7th German generation of an old Italian church painter family who immigrated to Germany in 1747.

What is in the fresco package?

Would you like to experience the power of a fresco yourself? We make it possible for you.

Signed and limited 1:1 art reproductions of the info frescos have been produced. The reproductions are available in the format 2.25m x 1.1m and are executed on 230gr/sqm lithographic special paper (matt, warm white). The original works are made with ink, pastel pencils and pastel crayons. All contents and texts are in English.

Order for 250,- EUR plus VAT + shipping directly the suitable fresco!

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„Univers of Innovation“

The info fresco “Universe of Innovation” provides an overview of all known and relevant sub-themes relating to the major term “innovation”. It offers over 250 important technical terms and know-how bites on the topics of perception and observation, problem identification, inspiration, lateral thinking, creative mindset, creativity techniques, idea generation, idea enrichment, idea filtering and evaluation, Fighting for ideas, trends, business model generation, design thinking, incremental innovations, disruptive innovations, innovation management, implementation, innovation strategy, open innovation, innovation controlling, innovation coaching, visual facilitating, change, obstacles and hindrances, innovation culture and creative spaces.

„Design Thinking“

The info fresco “Design Thinking” visualizes the innovation method Design Thinking from its origin to today. In well over 200 aspects, it presents Design Thinking vividly and the viewer quickly gains an overview of the method.

„Discovery of Innovation“

The info fresco “Discovery of Innovation” also contains about 200 information units. It summarizes all the success factors known today and also the obstacles on the way to innovation success. As a methaphor it uses the great discoverers of our time and shows especially their success factors in the great discoveries.