Stimulus Pictures Sets

Effectively discover new impulses


With stimulus pictures, familiar ways of thinking are left behind and new ones explored. The impulse pictures method is an unusual and therefore very productive form of lateral thinking, because here the impulse takes place via a random picture.

Even if there is no concrete problem, impulse pictures promote creative thought processes and help to find ideas. Because the partly unusual, partly everyday motifs help to recognize completely new perspectives.

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visual. By using high-quality material the haptic perception is addressed

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whether individual application or larger groups – the impulse picture method can be adapted to any setting


Photos in 15×20 cm format printed on glossy paper to inspire


completely different sets to allow new perspectives and ideas

For whom?

The method is particularly suitable for inexperienced participants and teams, so it can be used in individual work as well as in larger groups.


Our stimulus pictures sets provide answers to the following questions:

For what?

The impulse pictures are small works of art that can be used in many different ways. When looking at them, every person has his or her own association with the image motive. This way the participants are effortlessly released from our usual way of thinking and a new perspective and ideas become possible.

One also finds a way to personal experiences and feelings of the participants, because the pictures make them visible. Make use of these qualities and create an inspiring atmosphere with the impulse pictures, which sharpen the eye for special details. 

  • Finding ideas for challenges of medium and high complexity
  • Finding ideas around texts and slogans
  • Search and find new properties and fields of application
  • Discovering customer groups for products or services
  • General inspiration and creating the “creative thinking mode”
  • As opener for each workshop

What does the set contain?

We currently offer four different impulse pictures sets

All 4 Impulse Pictures Sets are completely different. They each contain 190 different impulse pictures. These were photographed and produced by Benno van Aerssen himself. They are already an integral part of the idea generation process for many teams and customers. The packages contain all photos in 15×20 cm format and are printed on glossy paper.

Our recommendation

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Our online self-study course “Impulse Picture Facilitator” teaches everything there is to know about impulse pictures and shows you a variety of new methods and applications for direct, professional and safe use. Coaches, trainers, innovation managers, executives, team leaders and lateral thinkers become experts in a special form of lateral thinking.


The price per impulse pictures set is 175 EUR /200 USD.