There is no innovation without inspiration

Taking up the phrase “Inspiration is for artists”, the following exciting causal chain can be used to prove that inspiration is a business tool:

  1. There are many very successful artists with a business worth millions.
  2. All these artists always claim to have been inspired in their work.
  3. So there is no successful work without inspiration.
  4. Without successful work there is no successful million-dollar business.
  5. Ergo: Without inspiration there is no successful business.
    Inspiration can be trained and learned in a concrete way. In this training, perception, sensitization of all senses and also mindfulness play a decisive role.

Some first concrete exercises
Do the unusual and have fun
Do something new every day of the week, something you have never done before. For example, go to work by train instead of by car. Or have a fresh pizza delivered to your home instead of baking one from the freezer. Or comb your hair in a braid instead of blow-drying it as usual. Whatever comes to your mind. It should be something completely new.

Stroll around instead of always going fast
Change your pace. First determine how fast or slow you normally walk and then change it, walk slower if you normally run, walk briskly if you normally sneak. Most people walk very fast, almost run. Are you one of them? Then you get to know the qualities of walking. In the past, this used to mean walking with lust, try it.

Change old habits and go new ways.
Do you always drive the same way to work? Do you always park in the same parking lot? Do you always shop at the same bakery? Yes, then change this habit today in just one place. Turn one street earlier, ask your neighbor for her favorite baker and buy there. Do one thing differently than usual today. It has been proven that such changes – however small they may seem – are the basis for bigger changes. Start small.

Think of yourself, always and everywhere
Hang up positive pictures/postcards, e.g. on the refrigerator or the mirror in the bathroom. Have you long wished for a happy, fulfilled life? Or a sports car, a husband and two well-behaved children, a house in the country, a super job, etc.? Yes? Then paint your heart’s desire on a piece of paper today, make a collage or cut out a photo – that’s your future! Hang this picture in the kitchen, the bathroom, next to the PC – then you always know what your future will look like.

Experience the simple
For once, leave out everything superfluous today, reduce your actions only to the things that really have to be done now and to those that you enjoy doing, that are good for you. You will probably find that you have gained time. Time to enjoy – the sun’s rays on your face, the birdsong in the morning, the wind that blows through the leaves in the evening.

Laughing without reason
For our brain it doesn’t matter if we laugh out of joy or if we do it for no reason! Laughing without a reason is healthy and lifts the spirits. Give it a try. Right under the shower, for example, you take the shower head as a microphone and smash your favorite song into it, then laugh, that relaxes and puts you in a good mood.

Book recommendation
In the book “Inspiration on the job”, I have compiled 60 exercises for effective inspiration, which are especially useful for innovation and business accounts.

“Inspiration on the job” …
… solves your blockades of ideas.
… finds new perspectives and ideas.
… heals your idea burnout.
… disturbs your habitual system of thinking.
… leads to radically different ideas.
… improves your work-thinking balance.
… inspires you.

164 pages full of inspirational impulses for everyone! … and each page designed individually, surprisingly and with love!

A lot of people are under pressure to succeed, fear of change and, as a consequence, an unimaginative work-thinking balance. This is exactly where “Inspiration on the job” should help – directly, immediately, intravenously and with a lot of fun.

Googling Inspiration
It is also exciting to simply go on the Internet and google for “inspiration”. You will see how big, colorful and exciting this topic is. Here you will always find interesting quotes about inspiration:

  1. Inspiration is never real if you perceive it as such right away. True inspiration appears unnoticed and is only recognized in its full meaning after some time.
    Samuel Butler the Elder (1612-1680)
  2. Women inspire us to do great things – and then prevent us from doing them.
    Alexandre Dumas the Younger (1824-1895), French writer
  3. The deeper the silence, the higher the inspiration.
  4. Inspiration comes after transpiration.
  5. Return to inspiration. Inspiration, pure instinct, the poet’s only reason for movement. Logical poetry is unbearable to me. Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936), Spanish stage poet, poet and playwright
  6. All great people imagine themselves to be more or less inspired.
    Joseph Joubert (1754-1824), French moralist
  7. The Inspiration! Ha-ha-ha! This is an old romantic idea without sense and reason.
    Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), French sculptor, his strongest artistic impressions he received through the works of Michelangelo
  8. The soul breathes through the spirit, the spirit breathes through inspiration, and that is the breathing of the deity.
    Bettina von Arnim (1785-1859), German writer, actually Anna Elisabeth von Arnim, sister of the philosopher Clemens Brentano
  9. Inspiration begins when we know enough not to understand anything. Billy (*1932), actually Walter Fürst, Swiss aphorist
  10. Lonely contact with nature is the first source of inspiration. There you hear sounds of sweetness and terror like you never hear in a library.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), American clergyman, teacher, philosopher and essayist

With inspiring greetings,
Benno van Aerssen