Innovationdigging – the creative tool for structure-loving employees, researchers and engineers

Innovationdigging describes a method for finding innovation and is similar to a professional archaeological excavation: a systematic search on defined areas, which are worked on – and later extended and tested – by a team.

“Quick and Dirty” explanation of the Innovationdigging method

Innovation Digging “Quick and Dirty”
Scenario: You are a product development engineer looking for inspiration to improve or innovate your product.

Step 1: Take a colleague’s pad or other sheet of paper and draw a normal table – this will become our search field matrix.

Step 2: In the row headers of the table, enter the touchpoints that people have with your product. If it were a coffee machine, the row headers could be

  1. Unpack coffee machine after purchase
  2. Set up the coffee machine
  3. Read operating instructions
  4. Pour in coffee
  5. Fill in water
  6. Set dosage
  7. Brewing coffee
  8. Serve coffee
  9. Cleaning procedure
  10. etc.

Step 3: In the column headers of the table, you now enter useful dimensions (these are adjectives in their first increasing form) that come to your mind spontaneously:

  • faster
  • cheaper
  • more comfortable
  • environmentally friendly
  • more secure
  • funnier
  • quieter
  • more erotic
  • etc.

Step 4: Now, according to your own rules, go through the resulting search fields with your finger and speak the word combinations softly to yourself, such as “fill in water faster”, “set up a more comfortable coffee machine” or “clean more fun”.

Let yourself be inspired by the word combinations and see if there are any connections you have never thought about before.

With inspiring greetings,
Benno van Aerssen

PS: This is the shortest of all explanations on innovation design. If you want to learn more about the many other possibilities of Innovationdigging, click here.