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What are the verrocchio notes?

With the verroccio Notes we send you hand-picked innovation know-how. Free of charge and implementation-oriented. First-hand information from Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, the founders of the Verrocchio Institute.

Would you like to learn about new innovation methods? You wonder what the work of an innovation coach looks like? You would like to stay up to date on the topic of innovation?

Simply enter your details, send it off and confirm your answer by e-mail – and you’re in.

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Benno and Christian. Personal insights into conversations and experiences of the two founders

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Recipients contacted us personally afterwards and wanted to exchange views on the topics of the verrocchio Notes

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Know-how and inspiration on countless topics such as innovation, creativity, transformation and change

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every two weeks you will receive our e-mails full of concrete and useful innovation know-how.

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For everyone who is interested in the topics innovation, creativity, change, transformation and inspiration or would like to get an insight into the work of an innovation coach. 

Topics of our verrocchio Notes

Here you will find a small selection of the topics covered in our Notes: 

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