The Florence Innovation Project

The most comprehensive collection of methods – practical, helpful, online

What is the Florence Innovation Project

The Florence Innovation Project, also known as FLIP, is our online collection of methods and includes 562 methods & tools in 6 languages. 

It is therefore an indispensable tool for anyone working with innovation or creativity methods. 

The advantages of FLIP

How it all began

How do I find the best method for my current innovation challenge without having to read many different books each time?

This question has always occupied us, at the verrocchio Institute, in our work as innovation coaches. We have always had a collection of proven methods for our own team, which we have also made available to our clients when needed.

On a Thursday evening in Florence in March 2016 we had the idea: “We expand this collection to always find immediately all innovation methods that are already successfully used and that fit my challenge”.

But we didn’t just want to catalogue them, we wanted to use them ourselves in our projects and share our experience.

We were soon able to convince other colleagues and innovation experts to contribute their experience – the Florence Innovation Project was born.

Our sources

When we created the Florence Innovation Project, we examined a large number of sources, many hundreds of them.

We have analysed websites and blogs and read almost every innovation book currently available.

Countless discussions with innovation experts have led to a detailed classification of the methods listed.

The methods are described in as short a form as possible, which is sufficient to carry out the method independently.

For each data set, we refer directly to the origin of the methods and, if possible, provide a link with the possibility to order the original source, because there are always further details and background information.

FLIP wants to give an overview and fit – the ultimate deepening can only ever be sensibly done by using the original sources.

These are the functions of FLIP

The FLIP Index
… offers 17 practical search topics for all methods and tools.

The FLIP full text search
… is the right starting point if you already know what you want to look for.

The FLIP combination search 
… lets you conveniently combine more than 350 method properties in 17 search categories to form a desired search.

The FLIP collections 
… lets you save methods in groups.

The FLIP handouts 
… allow you to print each method in a professional handout format.


FLIP helps you to answer the following questions: 

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