To help you find your way around the Florence Innovation Project quickly, we have included help at various points:

  1. wherever you discover a “?” in the application, a function-related help text is stored.
  2. we have answered frequently asked questions in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.
  3. if this doesn’t answer your questions, just send us an email to: support(at)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get individual, personal help?
You write a mail to support(at)

How do I get premium access?
You click on the “Buy Premium” button on the “Prices” page and receive a product code by e-mail after the successful purchase process. Then enter this product code in the “Login” area under “My profile” in the corresponding field. Now you log out once and log in again and all premium functions are activated.

How do I get my special price as a graduate of the Innovationcoach training?
All graduates of all years will automatically receive a discount code from us. You enter this discount code at the appropriate point in the order process and your special price is activated. If you have not received the discount code yet, please send us a short mail.

How do I get an offer for the Enterprise Version?
After contacting us via our contact page, we first agree on a detailed telephone call to get to know you and for an initial needs analysis. As a result, there may already be a first basic budget offer, or we may agree on a one-day preliminary project in the company in order to be able to offer in detail. In your personal area you will find an overview of your collections.

How do I use the collections?
With the function “My Collections” under the menu item “Settings” you can create as many method collections as you like. In this way you can compile specific methods and tools for workshops, projects and seminars. Name the collections freely and add the customer name, for example.

What functions does the full-text search offer?
In the full text search, all text fields of a method are searched. You can also use the familiar operators “AND”, “OR”, “NOT”, “-” and “+”. Thus the following inputs are possible for example: “term1 AND term2” or “term1 OR term2” or “term1 -term2”.

How do I use the saved searches?
After you have performed a combination search, you can use the “Saved searches” button to save this combination search and simply call it up again at a later time. This is especially useful because a detailed combination search was always the result of intensive reflection. From our experience we also know that certain searches are needed over and over again over time.

How do I use the collection of own methods?
The function “Capture own methods” will be available in a few weeks. With this function you can record methods you are missing in the database. Of course, these can also be own developed methods. You can also output your own methods as PDF handouts.

At first only you can see the methods that you have entered yourself. With the function “Request for publication” you give our team the order to check your method and to activate it for the whole community.

How do I use the “experiences” correctly?
The experiences for each method are a mirror of our community. The verrocchio community would like to constantly enrich the knowledge about methods and tools for its members. The exchange of experiences about these methods is the key. Communities have always been very successful.

How does “The Great Innovation Handbook” relate to the “Florence Innovation Project”?
“The “Great Handbook Innovation” and the “Florence Innovation Project” are based on the same core data of the verrocchio Institute. We deliberately decided to publish an additional book, because a printed book can have some exciting advantages even in digital times.”

The sensual experience – I read a book and at the same time I bend dog-ears, paint areas and smell the paper. A book feels soft and good. People build a kind of relationship with the book by changing it. Then they put it on the shelf, from where, together with the other books, it shapes the living or office atmosphere. When friends come to visit or customers come to the office, then I also have something to show visibly, even if only a brief glance of the guests touches the shelf meters. Books are my publicly documented knowledge, these are my conquests and everyone can see them. Every now and then someone stops in front of the shelf and takes out a title.

Will the Florence Innovation Project methodology collection be expanded?
Our idea is that both our team from the verrocchio Institute and you, as part of our community, should constantly enrich the collection of methods and the experience gained with the methods. With the “Request for publication” function, you give our team the task of checking the methods you have collected yourself and making them available to the entire community. Maybe your method will make it into the next issue of “Das gro├če Handbuch Innovation”.

What are the license and terms of use for the PDF handouts?
The PDF handouts are licensed to your name under a Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivations 4.0 International License. You are free to copy and share the handouts, even for commercial purposes. The licensor cannot revoke this freedom as long as you comply with the license terms. If you remix, transform or build upon the material, you may not redistribute the modified material.